About Seven Seas Illustration

Alisha Ober

Seven Seas Illustration was born out of a love for the ocean and its natural wonders.

I have had a love of octopuses for years, and I’ve incorporated them a lot into my art in the last decade. This in turn has fueled my love for aquariums and my fascination with the creatures of the sea has expanded to include practically everything that swims or floats. Many of my favorite illustrations have featured fun sea creatures and as I’ve searched to expand available species to include I’ve learned a lot about the ocean.

The ocean covers 71 percent of our planet and amazing new creatures are being discovered every day. It is thought that an estimated 50-80 percent of all life that is found on earth is under the ocean’s surface and it contains 99 percent of the living space on the planet. And yet less than 10 percent of that space has been explored by humans. Isn’t that amazing?

My goal is to create beautiful and whimsical illustrations of creatures from the seven seas for children and adults with a conservation twist. Learning about the many species, such as where they live and what they eat, is a great way to understand their place in the chain of life and how we can help them thrive.

Come learn about the many different marine species with me and engage your imagination!

Want to learn more?

Here are a few of the great organizations that are working to research and conserve the world’s oceans.