Meet Zeke the Zebra Lionfish!

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Z is for Zebra Lionfish
Conservation Status:
Least Concern

Hello! I’m Zeke the Zebra Lionfish!

I like to live in coral and rocky reefs and caves in the Indo-West Pacific. I have over 200 cousins of different species. Like many of my cousins, I have venom-filled spines in several of my fins, but I only use them for defense. If I’m attacked I’ll raise my fins in warning and charge really fast before I’ll attack with my fins.

During the day I like to hover in a shady spot on the seafloor or hang out in caves, often upside down. I prefer dimmer lighting, so you won’t find me out in the middle of the sunlight! Are you a night person too?

At night I like to go out hunting. My favorite foods are small crustaceans. What are some of your favorite foods?

You can take Zeke home with you!

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