Meet Yasmine the Yellow Tang!

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Y is for Yellow Tang
Conservation Status:
Least Concern

Hello there! I’m Yasmine the Yellow Tang! 

My family and I live in shallow reefs in the Pacific Ocean. I have 9 cousins of different species who are also Tangs that live around the reef, but my family and I are obviously the prettiest. 

I’m so bright and colorful! But at night my bright yellow fades slightly and a brownish patch appears in my middle with a horizontal white band. My bright yellow comes back pretty quickly with the daylight though. What do you think about that? 

I can be a little grumpy if other fish who aren’t also Yellow Tangs get too close, but some creatures are ok by me. I like to hang out with turtles and remove algae from their shells. This way I get a meal too! Algae is my favorite food.

I like to play tag with my family around the reef. What is your favorite game? Could a fish play?

You can take Yasmine home with you!

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