Meet Walter the Weedy Seadragon!

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W is for Weedy Seadragon
Conservation Status:
Least Concern

Hello there! I’m Walter the Weedy Seadragon!

My family and I live in drifting seaweeds off of coral reefs in the Eastern Indian Ocean. I only have one other cousin called the Leafy Seadragon, but he lives around here too so we get together all the time. 

Like my cousin, I like to just blend in to the reef. But instead of looking like leaves I have a few feather fins on my back which help me to look more like debris on the sea floor. Doesn’t that seem useful?

Like a lot of my extended cousins, the seahorses, the males give birth instead of the female! Isn’t that weird? The female puts her eggs into a pouch on the male for him to incubate for up to nine weeks before giving birth. When babies are born they’re really tiny, about the size of plankton, and they float off to find their own spot in the coral reef. 

I like to eat zooplankton. Since I’m so small that’s about the biggest thing I can eat! I also don’t have teeth, so I can’t chew my food. 

I like hanging out on the reef. What’s your favorite hobby?

You can take Walter home with you!

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