Meet Violet the Velvety Sea Star!

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V is for Velvety Sea Star
Conservation Status:
Least Concern

Hi! I’m Violet the Velvety Sea Star! 

My family and I live in shallow waters on coral and rocky reef shores in the West Pacific. I have over 2,000 cousins of different species who also live in the ocean. I think I have the biggest family ever!

I have a really cool super power! When I get attacked or damaged I can grow a whole new arm! Wouldn’t that be super cool to be able to do that? Sometimes instead of my normal five arms, you’ll find me with four or even six if one has been damaged but wasn’t removed.

I like to eat mollusks and worms, but I do it in a kind of weird way. My stomach makes up most of my main disc and extends into my arms. I can open up my arms to expose the stomach in them, and my food will be partially digested outside my body before being pulled into the main stomach for full digestion. That sounds kind of gross, doesn’t it? Would you like to digest your food on your arms? 

Now you know my super power! Would super power would you like to have?

You can take Violet home with you!

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