Meet Sammy the Sea Sheep!

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S is for Sea Sheep
Conservation Status:
Least Concern

Hi! I’m Sammy the Sea Sheep!

I’m actually a kind of a sea slug. I got my name because I’ve been told I look like an animal on land called a “sheep”. I’ve never seen one. Have you?

I have at least 18 cousins of different species who inch around the ocean. My family and I live on the Great Barrier Reef, where we eat algae. 

But my family and I can do something really cool that my cousins can’t do. Can you guess? 

I can use the chloroplasts from the algae that I eat and photosynthesize it! That means I take part of the algae and convert it into more energy, so it’s like we’re solar-powered. It’s a really unique process called kleptoplasty that only can be done by me and single-celled organisms. Isn’t that cool? 

What special talents do you have?

You can take Sammy home with you!

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