Meet Quentin the Quillfin Blenny!

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Q is for Quillfin Blenny
Conservation Status:
Least Concern

Hi! I’m Quentin the Quillfin Blenny! 

I live with my family in the Western Central Atlantic and Caribbean in coral reefs. I have over 180 cousins of different species who live throughout the world.

Usually I’m hanging out on coral or the sand perched on my fins and trying to blend in with my surroundings. You can see lots of interesting things when others don’t notice you’re there!

Because I live on the reef, I sometimes get visited by divers. I prefer to watch them swim by from far away. Though I’m not afraid of them, I am wary of them. Who knows what they’re planning behind those big masks? 

My favorite food is small crustaceans. What’s yours?

You can take Quentin home with you!

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