Meet Oscar the Ocellated Waspfish!

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O is for Ocellated Waspfish
Conservation Status:
Least Concern

Hi! I’m Oscar the Ocellated Waspfish! 

I live with my family on soft sandy bottoms in the Indo-West Pacific. I have over 57 cousins of different species who live in the ocean. 

My cousins and I have the ability to pop out a small switchblade-like barb from underneath one of our eyes, making us a little bit dangerous. But only I have venomous spines on my fins. So it’s best not to touch me! I don’t sound very friendly do I?

During the day I like to bury myself in the sand with just my eyes showing. At night I’ll come out and sway back and forth to mimic debris while I wait for small fish and shrimps to get close. Once they do, I use that special barb under my eye to catch them.

If someone comes along that wants to eat me I’ll spread my long pectoral fins out to scare them away. 

But I really do like to have fun! I enjoy doing loop-de-loops when no one’s watching. Do you want to do some too?

You can take Oscar home with you!

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