Meet Nancy the Napoleon Snake Eel!

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N is for Napoleon Snake Eel
Conservation Status:
Least Concern

Hi! I’m Nancy the Napoleon Snake Eel! 

I’ve also been called a Clown Snake Eel because my patterns and colors can look very similar to a clownfish. I have a whitish cream body with brown brands and gold spots on my snout and head. The sounds pretty, doesn’t it?

My family and I like to live in the Indo-Pacific in sand near coral reefs. I have over 200 cousins of different species who live in the ocean, so there’s a lot of variety in my family! We’re all called snake eels because we have no fins, so we look more like a snake than an eel.

At night I like to burrow into the sand with just my head poking out and wait for crustaceans or small fish to drop by. Then I pounce! They make a tasty meal! What do you like to eat?

You can take Nancy home with you!

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