Meet Leonard the Lobster!

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L is for Lobster
Conservation Status:
Least Concern

Hi! I’m Leonard the Lobster! I’m a European or Common Lobster. 

My family and I live in the eastern Atlantic Ocean, Mediterranean Sea and parts of the Black Sea. I have a close cousin called the American lobster that lives on the Atlantic coast of North America but I don’t get to see them very often. 

I have ten legs and an exoskeleton, which means that my skeleton is on the outside of my body instead of the inside. This protects me from a lot of things that would like to eat me, like fish and sharks. Every time I grow I have to shed my exoskeleton and grow a new one. My tail is articulated, which means it’s connected to my main exoskeleton with a flexible joint, so I can swim in reverse! Isn’t that neat? 

I like to live on the hard sea bottom, where I hunt for food at night. I use my large front claws for crushing and slicing my food, which includes crabs, mollusks, urchins, starfish, and fish. 

I really like to play rock paper scissors with my friends near the coast. What are some of your favorite games? 

You can take Leonard home with you!

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