Meet Jake the Japanese Seahorse!

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J is for Japanese Seahorse
Conservation Status:

Hi! I’m Jake the Japanese Seahorse!

I like to live in the muddy bottoms of seagrass beds of estuaries - where a river meets the ocean - and coral reefs in the Western Pacific. I have over 47 cousins of different species who also live in the ocean, so there’s a lot of variety in my extended family! 

I’m pretty small - my family usually reaches a maximum length of 8.0 centimeters. But my tail is pretty long in proportion to my body and I use it to grab onto seagrass - or whatever I can find - wherever I settle. 

Like a lot of my cousins, our males give birth instead of the female! Isn’t that weird? The female puts her eggs into a pouch on the male for him to incubate for a month before giving birth. When babies are born they’re really tiny, about the size of plankton, and they float off to find their own spot in an estuary or coral reef. 

I like to eat zooplankton. Since I’m so small that’s about the biggest thing I can eat! I also don’t have teeth, so I can’t chew my food. 

I like to sway in the current when I’m hanging out with my family. What do you like to do with your family? 

You can take Jake home with you!

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