Meet Irene the Immortal Jellyfish!

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I is for Immortal Jellyfish
Conservation Status:
Least Concern

Hi! I’m Irene the Immortal Jellyfish!

I live in warmer waters in the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas. I have over 2,000 cousins in different parts of the ocean, and there’s a wide variety among us all.

I’m not quite immortal, but I have a pretty neat trick that lets me live for a very long time! After I grow up and find a mate, I return back to my immature state. Then I get to grow up again! I can do this lots of times, so biologically I don’t die like my cousins. Isn’t that cool? 

I can still be eaten or get a disease, especially when I’m immature. But if someone is trying to eat me I can be pretty hard to find. Even when I’m full grown I’m super small - less than 0.18 inch tall and wide! My belly is bright red, which is the easiest way to find me.

I like to eat plankton, fish eggs, and small mollusks. What’s your favorite thing to eat?

You can take Irene home with you!

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