Meet George the Giant Pacific Octopus!

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G is for Giant Pacific Octopus
Conservation Status:

Hi! I’m George the Giant Pacific Octopus! 

I live in the Pacific Ocean off the United States and Japan with over 300 cousins of different species. My last family reunion was huge! 

I’m one of the largest octopuses in the world and I’m super smart. I’m really good at mimicking other creatures. You see, though I’m usually a reddish-pink color, I have special pigment cells, called chromatophores, just below the surface of my skin that let me change color and blend in with rocky or coral surroundings. I’m a pro at hide and seek!

You know what else is cool about me? I have eight arms, three hearts, and nine brains! Two of my hearts pump blood to my gills so I can breathe and the third one pumps it through the rest of my body. I have one central brain that controls my nervous system and the other 8 brains control each of my arms! Can you imagine having that many arms?

I like to eat shrimp, clams, lobsters, and fish, but I have been known to eat small sharks. I often use surprise to catch something to eat, using my camouflage, speed, and my many arms to grab onto my food.

When I’m not finding food I like to practice playing hide and seek with my friends. What’s your favorite game?

You can take George home with you!

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