Meet Fanny the Flamboyant Cuttlefish!

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F is for Flamboyant Cuttlefish
Conservation Status:

Hi! I’m Fanny the Flamboyant Cuttlefish! 

I live with my family near coral reefs. I have over 120 cousins of different species who live in the ocean too! 

Though I can swim very well, I like to walk along the seafloor on arms and fins. None of my cousins can do that! I’m also the only known poisonous cuttlefish. 

But that’s not my first line of defense. 

When someone threatens me I stand my ground and flash vibrant yellow, maroon, brown, white, and red along my body and pulse my fins at them. That usually scares them away. If that doesn’t work, I have ink that I can squirt at them while I swim away as fast as I can.

I like to eat fish and crustaceans that are found on the reef. Similar to octopuses, I have 8 tentacles. Two of them have flat surfaces with 5-6 suckers to catch my food. Wouldn’t it be easier to eat those roly poly peas if you had some suckers on your hands?

When I’m not walking around or looking for food I like to play hide and seek with my family. I’m pretty good at it too! What games do you play with your family?

You can take Fanny home with you!

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