Meet Elmer the Elephant Seal!

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E is for Elephant Seal
Conservation Status:
Least Concern

Hi! I’m Elmer the Elephant Seal! I’m a Southern Elephant Seal.

I get my name from my huge size and my huge nose, which is shorter than my cousin’s in the north. I can still roar pretty loud though, no matter what the size of my nose is!

My family and I live near the Antarctic continent. Though I spend most of my time in the water, sometimes I like to stay on land. It doesn’t bother my skin to be dry for several weeks at a time. When I am diving for squid and fish, however, I’ll be under the water for at least 20 minutes at a time. Can you hold your breath for that long? I’ve had lots of practice!

I have lots of great skills for living in the Antarctic. It’s really cold here, but I have lots of fatty blubber to keep me warm. I can also slow down my heartbeat and metabolism when diving very deep. In the dark I can see pretty well, but for really deep water I’ve got whiskers to help me sense what’s around me.

When I’m not diving for food I like to frolic in the waves on the beach. What do you like to do when you go to the beach?

You can take Elmer home with you!

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