Meet Angie the Angelfish!

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A is for Angelfish
Conservation Status:
Least concern

Hi! I’m Angie the Angelfish! I’m a Blue Angelfish.

I’m a marine angelfish, which means I live in the ocean. But I have over 90 cousins of different species who also live in the ocean, so there’s a lot of variety in my family! I’m also distantly related to the butterflyfishes who live on the reef.

I like to live in shallow reefs. Because of this I’m pretty fearless and I’m always curious when I see a diver come visit. I always wonder what they’re doing here. They seem so funny with their flippers!

My cousins and I are bright colors which change as we get older. Isn’t that weird? I’m not sure why, but we think it’s maybe to show how old we are and where we are in our social hierarchy. 

I like to eat sponges near the coral reefs and rocks, but I’ll also snack on algae. We have to be careful though, because sometimes we get snacked on too! Sharks, marine mammals, humans, birds, and larger fish can be dangerous.

I really like to play with my friends near the reef. What are some of your favorite things?

You can take Angie home with you!

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